Almost 300 high quality laptops are en route from Camara USA in San Jose to Dublin. These laptops will be installed in Irish schools and youth centres to enhance education for young people and to allow them to develop new digital skills.

The development of the Camara Ireland programme is being assisted by the American Ireland Fund, who have supported Camara for a number of years. The organisation provided a grant to Camara Ireland, which was then used to help with the establishment of Camara USA, where technology is being sourced from. Camara USA is, in addition to hardware acquisition, looking into potential educational software platforms for use in Irish schools.

Blake Burke, CEO and Cormac Lynch, Founder with computers to be shipped to Ireland.

Blake Burke, CEO Camara USA and Cormac Lynch, Founder, with computers to be shipped to Ireland.

The 300 laptops were, on this occasion donated by Workday, a multinational software company with offices around the world, including Dublin.

These computers will be installed by Camara Ireland in 15-20 schools and youth centres throughout the country serving under-privileged communities. They will be used by up to 6,000 children.

“These laptops will be loaded with innovative free tools like Scratch and Audacity for use in the classroom” explains Camara Ireland CEO Steven Daly, “these tools enhance the education of young people in a myriad of ways, ranging from a child learning new programming skills, to a young person with learning difficulties finding a new medium to express their emotions.”

Steven also added that “these computers will also allow another 10 youth clubs to join our ‘TechSpace’ program, rolling out new and exciting creative learning opportunities to their young people, getting access to the relevant hardware, professional software, and a vibrant learning community of ‘TechSpaces’ all over the country.”

To donate computer equipment to Camara USA contact Blake Burke at or on  + 1 408 679 0496

To find out Camara Ireland contact Steven Daly at