Haiti blog edCamara Haiti has proudly announced a new partnership agreement with Fondation Digicel to provide access to ICT in Education in disadvantaged communities across Haiti, through the delivery of fourteen eLearning Centres per year over two years.

“Our partnership with Fondation Digicel began last year with the delivery of an initial twelve eLearning Centres”, explained John Fitzsimons, CEO of Camara Education. “We welcome this opportunity to strengthen our collaboration and increase the impact that Camara has on poverty worldwide”. This new agreement is an extension of this partnership which forms part of a greater initiative, the Platform for Action of Women to rebuild Haiti, which is supported by more than 400 women’s organisations from all over the country.

Haiti blog 3. edjpg“The Digicel Foundation strongly believes that Haiti’s development is sustained by  strong communities and self-sufficient citizens. So it is with pleasure that the Digicel Foundation collaborates with Camara on this educational project which will help break some socioeconomic barriers and provide multiple opportunities for its beneficiaries. Our first project was a huge success and we are confident that this new phase will be equally exciting” said Sophia Stransky, Chief Executive of Fondation Digicel.

Under this latest agreement Camara will manage a range of projects that encompass Camara’s traditional eLearning centre model, as well as address some of the unique challenges experienced in Haiti like the high cost and limited availability of electricity in rural communities.

Haiti is Camara’s most newly established hub, opened based on the success of Camara’s pilot projects with twelve Women’s Centres throughout the country, which were supported by Fondation Digicel. Partnerships with other Irish NGOs Haven and Soul of Haiti gave Camara further assurance of the long-term success of this venture.

To find out more about Camara Haiti  contact Ailish.