Camara Education USA is proud to announce the launch of a new program designed to educate Bay Area high schools about global inequality and digital literacy, while also encouraging them to get involved with these issues. The campaign, known as Operation Profero Commodum (or “Bring Opportunity” in Latin) will be entirely planned and carried out by local high school students from the Bay Area.

Operation Profero Commodum

“It’s fantastic that [these] young people are taking an interest in digital literacy,” said Cormac Lynch, founder of Camara Education. “This campaign will be planned and led by young people and this is a message that we want to get out to the rest of the Bay Area.”

The campaign will be run by five Bay Area high school students who are all incoming seniors at Milpitas High School in Milpitas, California, and Irvington High School in neighboring Fremont. Known colloquially as “Operation PC”, the program was originally conceived by Kyle Nguyen, a Milpitas High School student. He will serve as the campaign’s project manager. His desire to improve education for others is deeply rooted in his own personal beliefs and experiences.  “I care deeply about education and believe that everyone deserves to have one. I want to create an impact in the lives of kids in developing countries and give them this opportunity.”

Operation PC will focus on reaching out to local high schools across the nine-county Bay Area region while working with local high school superintendents to educate them about global digital inequality, as well as building relationships and networking with schools around the Bay Area. The five-person team of students is optimistic they will be able to generate interest in their cause and help raise awareness of both Camara’s work and the issue of the “digital divide” in education. Through a combination of letters, emails, and a comprehensive social media campaign, the students hope to generate further interest around the region in tackling these challenges while building new opportunities for Camara USA.

Francis Prevot, Camara USA’s new CEO, is excited about the opportunities that Operation Profero Commodum and other initiatives like it can do for Camara’s operations within the United States. “Campaigns like this one will really help us make connections with the schools and work in close collaboration with teachers in order to define their needs. The fact that Operation PC is led and organized by students is the perfect representation of what we would like to see anywhere in the world: knowledgeable and empowered young people.”