Eddie logs yet another PC in Camara's Dublin workshop

Eddie logs yet another PC in Camara’s Dublin workshop

“The year has flown, it feels like I only started a few weeks ago.”

Eddie O’Reilly started work with Camara a year ago, having been offered a place on the Tús back-to-work scheme. Prior to that, he had been out of work for three years. “It gave me something to get out of bed for…knocked the laziness out of me!”

Eddie’s job sees him log every computer that comes through the door of the Chapelizod workshop into the Camara database. It’s a hectic role which keeps him on his toes. “I’d say I’ve logged somewhere between 25,000 and 30,000 computers since I’ve started here.”

Based on a five-day week, that works out at anything up to 115 computers a day for the year that Eddie has been here. That’s quite a number, and it gives an idea of how much work is involved, and how much Eddie has done for Camara since he started 12 months ago.

Even though there is some automation involved in the logging process, much of the work is manual and quite labour-intensive, not that Eddie minds. “I’ve really enjoyed my time here. I’m gonna be sending out some CVs soon, and hopefully something comes up. Everyone here has been great and I’ll definitely miss it when I leave. Hopefully Jim (workshop manager) gives me a good reference.”

Eddie is just one of an an army of volunteers and interns who support Camara’s operations across all of our hubs and support centres in Dublin, Belfast, London, Haiti and across Africa and the US. At any given time in the Dublin office, there are an average of 16 volunteers/interns working in the workshop, and 10 in the office.

Camara simply could not operate without the continued support of volunteers, and we are extremely grateful for the time and effort they give to us.

If you are interested in volunteering for Camara, view our open positions here, or email info@camara.org