Emmanuel Michelo studies Adult Education at UNZA (University of Zambia), and also attends the CISCO IT Essentials course. He began an internship with Camara Zambia in Lusaka on Auguest 5th, which finishes this week. Over the past six weeks, Emmanuel has assisted Chishimba Chisefu in delivering courses to teachers in training. Here, he talks about his time with Camara.

Emmanuel stands in front of Camara's storage container in Camara's Zambian hub in Lusaka

Emmanuel stands in front of a storage container in Camara’s Zambian hub in Lusaka

My experience in teacher training at Camara is something that has helped me, as I am still trying to perfect my profession through training. It has helped me to gain the appropriate mindset for teaching by practicing skills that I only knew theoretically, and now as an intern at Camara I am able to put this theory into practice. As an intern studying Cisco IT Essentials and Adult Education in the School of Education at the University of Zambia, my interest in Camara has been in the teacher training since this would give me a perfect platform to practice two professions at the same time.

Chishimba – a trainer at Camara – is one who greatly influenced my field of interest by being so accommodating and also advising me on how to handle teacher trainees. He has mentored me on how to take full control of a learning session by being confident and making sure there is full participation from every trainee by asking them questions. He has also trained me in the use of a variety of learning and teaching aids, just to make sure learning is optimised.

The training has been so interesting to me because I was able not just to have an opportunity to train, but also to use good interpersonal skills when communicating with the teachers. When I was giving an ICT builder lecture, it’s amazing to see how attentive trainees can be while waiting for you to address them. This gave me a lot of confidence and I was able to give them all the information they needed about the course. This was at the Educational Building Service (E.B.S) where most training sessions for Camara are held. Before E.B.S I was assisting training in Lusaka west, though much of my work was tutoring individual teachers who lagged behind as for some of them it was the first time using a computer.

Emmanuel with Francis Chupi, Technical Officer for Camara Zambia

Emmanuel with Francis Chupi, Technical Officer for Camara Zambia

In a nutshell, training has really made me much more open-minded and patient. Additionally, it has helped me understand that people learn at different paces and that they require patience on the part of the trainer, especially when they ask you the same questions over and over. For instance, teachers would call me to assist them in the same thing they asked me the previous day, so it is very important to remain calm and explain everything as often as is required.

The training I received with Camara has enabled me to gain the experience and confidence to go along with the theory, so will be very important to me in my career.