Web Summit 2014 - Here We Come!

Web Summit 2014 – Here We Come!

Last week, Camara received the fantastic news that we have been chosen to speak at the Web Summit 2014, which takes place from November 4th-6th at The RDS. It represents quite a coup for Camara, which was one of a host of social enterprises that applied to present through the US Embassy’s ‘Good Idea’ initiative.

All of those applicants were whittled down to a shortlist of 11, all of whom went before a panel of Web Summit judges to pitch their presentation. Camara CEO John Fitzsimons clearly impressed the judges, as he was one of just two presenters to be selected to get time on stage at the summit.

John will present for 30 minutes on November 4th at 12.30 on the Library stage. This will be the second time that Camara has presented on stage at the Web Summit, but the first time getting such a prestigious platform from which to showcase our work. It represents an amazing opportunity not only to get companies to pledge IT equipment, but also to get the message and the name of Camara out there to a receptive and relevant audience.

Camara CEO John Fitzsimons hopes his presentation will 'tower' over the rest

Plenty to shout about – Camara CEO John Fitzsimons

An excited John said: “It’s an incredible opportunity, because the biggest bottleneck Camara faces is equipment to fill orders, so this gives us the opportunity to speak to a lot of tech companies who have an affinity with what we do, and can help to rectify that supply challenge that we face over the course of just a few days. I’ll be a bit nervous, but as any sportsman will tell you, if you’re not nervous, there’s something wrong!”

We have had a sneak preview of John’s presentation and it is one which will certainly grab the attention of all those present. Roll on November 4th!

Stay tuned to our Twitter and Facebook feeds, as we will be unveiling our Web Summit campaign shortly…