Four-year-old Nyevu Mkambe seems to be enjoying using her Camara computer!

Four-year-old Nyevu Mkambe seems to be enjoying using her Camara computer!

It can sometimes be hard for people who are not on the ground in Africa or the Caribbean to gauge the impact that Camara Education – thanks to your donations – is having on the lives of young children in developing countries. The below passage brings it all into sharp focus, and it is examples such as this that inspire us to continue our work. We are only as good as the donations of equipment we receive, so spread the word around your offices and among your friends and family!


A little over a week ago, a Camara tweet about education being the key to ending poverty prompted the below response from Mary Maguire, who runs the Good Life Orphanage in Kikambala, Kenya.

@CamaraEducation the computers in our school on Coast Province in Kenya are a wonderful asset to our school, where adults are also using them”

A follow-up email to Mary resulted in her sending on some great footage and information about the children in the orphanage, along with the below testimonial:

“Since the inception of both our orphanage and adjoining school we have realised the importance of providing our children with access to computers. Without Camara Education being on hand with advice and supplying low-cost, high-quality computers and laptops, we would have had an impossible task on our hands.

Philip McAllister and the team here in Mombasa always go that extra mile and Godfrey – our IT coordinator – was trained in Camara at Mombasa. He is such a dedicated and hard-working young man and a credit to Camara’s Training programme, empowering the local people is so important. 

I think our children at both The Good Life Orphanage & St Bernadette Mary School are a fine example of the impact Camara Education has in this area because you have helped make a dream become reality.”

Asante Sana 

Kevin & Mary Maguire

Kevin and Mary are doing amazing work on the ground, and – with your help – we will continue helping inspirational people like them for many years to come.

You can pledge your unwanted IT equipment by using the #PledgeIT hashtag on Twitter, by posting to, or by visiting the dedicated donor page at