Caleb Enjoys a Much Happier Life Now

Caleb enjoys a much happier life now

Today – November 10th – is World Orphans Day. To mark this significant day in the calendar, we received the below account from Caleb Babu from the Good Life Orphanage in Kenya, who attends the adjoining school. Caleb’s story is sadly an all-too-common one, but thanks to the care he is receiving at the Good Life Orphanage, and the education he is getting – aided by Camara-provided computers – he now enjoys a much happier life and can look forward to a brighter future. Over to you Caleb…

My name is Caleb Babu, I arrived at The Good Life Orphanage in April 2008 along with Moses and Joshua. Although we are not siblings, I look on them as my brothers as we were rescued from a very bad home where we were treated very badly. That home was later closed down. Life for an orphan like me was unbearable before I came to The Good Life Orphanage. I know very little about my family, it appears I was placed in the previous orphanage when I was a toddler after my mother died – I have no living family members.

I live in O’Malley House at The Good Life Orphanage along with eleven other children who I regard as my family now. Mama Florence and Auntie Ruth look after us, which is a difficult job as our ages range from 3 months old to ten years old. I am the oldest child in the house.

I have three meals every day, regular medical check-ups and a very good education at our adjoining school, St Bernadette Mary School where I am in Standard 4. Sadly I am not always well behaved at school but as I am a good artist, my teacher Mr Joe often lets me use the computers in the school lab as I see ideas which I then can draw, it helps me express what I often feel inside.

Moses, Caleb & Joshua getting set for the new football season

Left to right – Moses, Caleb & Joshua getting set for the new football season

At The Good life Orphanage & St Bernadette Mary School we are very lucky as we have access to computers. Along with our IT classes during school, we also use them in the evenings at the orphanage. Often when we have volunteers from the Europe, they spend lots of time with us showing us how to use the computers in different ways including educational games and checking our website We also know how to use Google to look up different interesting topics but we are only allowed to do so when supervised by an adult.

From the computers I have also learnt about my own country Kenya and Ireland where Papa Kevin & Mama Mary come from, I hope to visit it someday and maybe even go to university there.

Thanks to Mary Maguire at the Good Life Orphanage for providing us with this update and the wonderful photographs. You can find out more about the great work being done there by visiting their website.