Anna rolls out the sales pitch

Anna rolls out the sales pitch

To bring the curtain down on our Web Summit 2014 experience, our queen of the stand – Anna McGettigan – shares her thoughts on a whirlwind few days in Dublin 4.

The Web Summit was a great experience. As it was my first time attending an event as big as this, I was a bit nervous. I didn’t know what the set-up would be, but luckily it was very well organised and well laid out.

Our stand was in a fantastic location, right opposite the exit to the centre-stage. This meant that every 45 minutes, when the talks finished, we would be swarmed with people who were interested to learn about the work of Camara. We were kept very busy informing people of our work and urging companies to pledge their used IT equipment. Luckily, we each had a chance to look around the other stands too. We were in an area with a lot of philanthropic and educational start-ups, and it was interesting to see the new ideas that were being exhibited.

We got quite a lot of media attention at our stand, so we were playing celebrity, each of us giving interviews and having photos taken. We were featured in a number of online publications, which is great for the company’s image. One of the highlights for me (other than watching John’s talk of course), was seeing a talk on the centre-stage by Anne­-Marie Tomchak of BBC Trending, where she spoke about social media in war ­zones.

I managed to bump into her afterwards and had a conversation with her, and she was a very interesting and inspiring woman. Overall, the Web Summit was a great experience. While it was pretty exhausting, being a three-­day event, the majority of which was spend standing, we made a lot of valuable contacts, met a lot of interesting people, and most of all, had a lot of fun. Roll on Web Summit 2015!