Jacinta McGuane, General Manager of Camara Haiti, sent this update from Cite Soleil – an extremely impoverished and densely-populated slum in Port-au-Prince. However, in spite of this poverty, local youth leaders are making strides.

Youth leaders from Cite Soleil  in the classroom

Youth leaders from Cite Soleil in the classroom

Every Saturday morning, our computer class is full – always 100% attendance. The class of 20 youth leaders are always here, smiles on their faces, greeting their teachers Nancy and and Jennie with the typically respectful kiss on each cheek. The youth leaders come from Cite Soleil, often described as the ‘worst slum in the Western Hemisphere’. Yet, they are proud to be from Cite Soleil, from youth projects such as Sakala and Konbit Soley Leve. Two inspiring projects which empower their youths, through sport, education, culture and respect.

They are greatly appreciative of the kind donor who has sponsored their participation in the Camara Education basic computer classes which are being run in partnership with Haven. The 10 week course covers basic computer skills such as typing, writing letters, preparing a C.V., making presentations, setting up email and Facebook accounts. They are already asking what will they be able to learn on the level 2 course once they complete their level 1 course.

Running the courses at the Stellar Convention Centre ensures that the classes will run every Saturday, unhindered by the violence and aggression that is a regular occurrence in their neighbourhoods. The students hope to use the skills acquired during the course to enhance their chances of employment and to aid them in their challenge to continue their education, an education which they themselves must finance. Please continue to support initiatives which provide education and training for those in the world who endure daily struggles.

You can donate your unwanted laptops and computers to Camara here, or by calling +353 (0) 1 652 2671