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2014 has been a transformative year for Camara. From this year’s efforts alone, over 12,000 PCs are now in schools and 4,000 teachers have been trained to use them in education. These numbers are significantly up on last year and have more than doubled in three years. On the fundraising side, we doubled our income on last year which sets us up for a huge 2015. But for all the statistics, it is the personal stories of meeting kids using technology that is so motivating. I still remember a quote from one student in Zambia who told me that computers are important because “they make the world small”. So thank you all for these, your achievements this year.

Please keep with us on this journey as in 2015 we will be celebrating two significant milestones; the millionth child impacted and Camara’s 10th birthday. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy this little ‘thank you’ video and we wish you a very peaceful holiday season.