EYD 2015 - We can all play a part!

EYD 2015 – We can all play a part!

2015 has been designated the European Year of Development (EYD), in an effort to raise awareness of the plight of people around the world who face struggles that most of us in the developed world do not have to contend with.

Dochas – The Irish Association of Non-Governmental Development Organisations – has outlined the importance of the EYD on their website.

EYD 2015 officially kicks off in Europe today – January 9 – in Riga. However, the Irish launch will happen on Januray 22, when President Michael D Higgins address delegates at a conference in Dublin Castle.

To quote Dochas:

2015 is a year that will shape the future of humanity, as world leaders will decide on new strategies to fight climate change, hunger, poverty and inequality.

But it is also the year in which ordinary people can make a real difference.  All it takes is the courage to take the first step. And the encouragement of others.

So now is your chance to inspire others. Let them know that you are not content to sit and wait, but that you are doing your bit to make this a better world!

What can you do during this momentous year for Europe? We at Camara will continue to strive to educate thousands of underprivileged children in Ireland, Haiti and Africa, and to improve our service so that we continue to grow our impact in what is, in 2015, our tenth year in existence.

Find out more via @EYD_Irl or the European Year 2015 Facebook page.