Computers waiting to be shipped to Ethiopia


Camara hit a landmark number with the departure of our latest shipment. A container of 936 computers and monitors left Dublin today, bound for Ethiopia, which brings the total number of computers shipped to Ethiopia beyond the 15,000 mark.

Each computer that is installed into a school impacts 21 children, which means that 315,000 children have received the gift of digital literacy since Camara began operations almost 10 years ago. To put that figure in perspective, the number of children impacted by donations of old computers to Camara would fill Croke Park FOUR times. It is a remarkable statistic.

Workshop almost empty as container gets filled


Speaking of the latest milestone in Camara’s short history, CEO John Fitzsimons said “The fact that we are today shipping our 15,000th computer to Ethiopia is testament to the generosity of our donors and the hard work of our volunteers in refurbishing these computers for use in Africa. These are computers that would most likely otherwise have gone to landfill, so it’s a hugely important service that we are providing. We have all seen Croke Park packed to the rafters on All-Ireland final day, so to think that we have impacted four times that many children in Ethiopia, not to mention the other countries we work in, really makes me proud of what we have achieved so far, and excited for what we will achieve in the future”


Well said John. As ever, Camara wish to thank all the donors who continue to make our operation such a success. We never fail to be amazed by the lengths people – both individuals and businesses – go to in order to get their old equipment to us. That’s the starting point for everything that we do. Getting computers through the door in sufficient volume to satisfy the demand is an almost impossible job, as demand is huge and constantly growing. However, 12 containers went out from Dublin alone in 2014, and we hope to surpass that total this year.

Computers ready to go to Ethiopia

Gone! Container loaded & ready for the off.

Do you or a person/business you know have old computers to dispose of? If so, click here, or call 01 652 2671.