Camara Zambia container

Today is a landmark day for Camara Northern Ireland as the hub celebrates its first shipment to Africa. 450 computers will be loaded inside a shipping container before making the long journey to Zambia.

Over its lifetime, one computer can impact 21 children, so with this particular shipment, 9,450 children are expected to receive the gift of digital literacy. Speaking on the latest Camara milestone, Operations Manager for the Belfast hub, Damien Madden said “This container has been our biggest challenge yet. 450 computers leaving in one day means we have been very tight for space and it really has required everyone’s total commitment and effort to get the container out on time.”

The Belfast hub hopes to build further upon this success as CEO, Jonny Lamberton explains, “The team have worked really hard to get this container ready. It’s great to see it heading off to Zambia to help educate disadvantaged children. At our Belfast processing hub that is what we are about. Our next task is already at hand – sourcing 450 more computers for our next shipment in April.”

Up to 500,000 computers are discarded in Ireland every year, half of which could be reused in education. Lamberton says “By donating your old equipment for reuse rather than recycling, Camara is promoting not only social and educational value, but also ensuring maximum environmental benefit.”