Student from Saint Agnes High School in Lesotho being taught digital literacy skills by teacher

Student from Saint Agnes High School in Lesotho being taught digital literacy skills by teacher

In today’s world, we are surrounded by the latest and ever evolving trends in technology and it has become almost ubiquitous in linking all aspects of our modern life. Especially in terms of education, the introduction of technology in classrooms in recent years has provided students with a more personalised and interactive learning experience.

But while technology is an everyday convenience for us, it is a completely different story for most parts of Africa where they still lag considerably behind as far as integrating technology into classroom learning is concerned. There is a strong need to integrate ICT into the educational curricular where modern technology can deepen and enhance the entire learning process in the classroom. However, there still remains a lot of obstacles in place, especially in terms of financial support.

The lack of digital skills in many countries in Africa is a major barrier to breaking the cycle of poverty, and this is something which Camara is dedicated to changing. John Fitzsimons,CEO with Camara Education has said “Technology has become such a vast power that even a low budget tablet computer can contribute immensely to a child’s learning experiences and rate of absorption in the classroom, much more so than relying on traditional teaching methods and materials.”

Since 2005, Camara Education has given almost one million children the gift of digital literacy and these numbers will continue to soar with the roll-out of the iMlango project ,a ground-breaking partnership between public and private sectors that Camara is proud to be part of. The iMlango project is a very exciting, first of its kind e-learning partnership that will benefit over 50,000 marginalised girls, across 195 primary schools in Kenya.

Camara has continually strived to improve education and livelihood skills in disadvantaged communities around the world through the use of technology in schools. By giving us your old computer or donating to our organisation, you can help us continue our mission and provide the gift of digital literacy to thousands of more children in underdeveloped communities around the world.

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