With the evolution of technology as a readily available resource to those in nearly all parts of the world, the recycling and safe disposal of E-waste has increasingly become a major problem. E-waste refers to discarded electrical or electronic devices. Hazardous materials from such IT and electronic devices are being released into the environment at an alarming rate causing significant health risks.

Camara Education is reducing the carbon footprints of organisations every day. Daily it receives hundreds of old computers that would have been put beyond reuse and recycled and instead extends the life of these computers through a refurbishment process.

So what are the benefits of recycling your computer or laptop device? 70% of the energy that a typical desktop will use during its lifetime is consumed when it is manufactured  Рequivalent to 300 kgs of CO2 for a laptop and 300 kgs for a flat screen monitor. So it makes more environmental sense to extend the life of laptops, desktops and flat screen monitors by donating them to Camara in the name of a good cause.

Each reused computer and monitor provides digital literacy skills for 21 children from disadvantaged communities. Camara has shipped 62,000 computers since its inception 10 years ago. That is equivalent to the deferral of the release of 18,600 tonnes of CO2 emissions for the computers and a further 15,600 tonnes of CO2 emissions (based on 52,000 monitors) – so 34,200 tonnes in total.

Most computer equipment in Ireland is recycled rather than reused. Around 500,000 computers are recycled every year by organisations over half of which could be reused. If every organisation in Ireland had their equipment reused rather than recycled, this would deliver an improved education for over 5,000,000 children.

The video below documents a partnership between Camara and Dell as they commit to a global recycling initiative.