Over the next three weeks as part of a Gender Equality campaign by Camara Education, we will be sharing some inspiring stories and initiatives from our work abroad about how technology in the classroom has altered the lives of thousands of girls in disadvantaged communities around the world.

Eliza Anyangwe of the Guardian Global Development Professionals Network says, “Gender Equality means recognising and valuing whatever contribution a woman chooses to make to society”.

Students from Jerusalem School, Addis Ababa.From left: Meseret Nigusse Liest, Eyeresulam Teklu, Addisalem Zewdu

Students from Jerusalem School, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. From left: Meseret Nigusse Liest, Eyeresulam Teklu, Addisalem Zewdu

Camara is committed to getting more girls into school and improving their lives through education by providing interactive educational opportunities to marginalised girls across Africa with ICT resources. Gender Equality is a high priority for our organisation and we aim to provide equal learning opportunities to those who need it most.

Camara Education has partnered with UNESCO to present three films on transforming girls’ education through technology in Africa. This video series will take us will take us to Tanzania, Ethiopia and Kenya where we will meet Africa’s next generation of aspiring women, Sheila, Haregewoin and Firdous.

The series focuses on a new interactive e-learning tool by UNESCO called, “Women in African History” which has been successfully adopted in Camara classrooms. This platform strives to promote gender equality and women’s empowerment through the use of ICT. This programme introduces female students to a long list of distinguished African women, ensuring meaningful engagement of young girls with ICTs through the production of relevant local content. The e-learning tool ensures capacity-building of young girls as both decision-makers and producers in the ICT Sector.

“Women in African History” can be downloaded free of charge onto computers, tablets and mobile phones, and can be used offline for a dynamic, 21st century learning experience. Our teaser trailer below will give you an insight into the content we will be sharing with you in the coming days and weeks as we promote and encourage gender equality.