Volunteering is the gift of giving, it can bring so much joy to others in life and also ourselves. Volunteering can also prove very beneficial in developing your career as it is looked favorably on by prospective employers. Not only that, but there is such great potential to put theory into practice and plenty of opportunities to develop and harness your skill set. See how three different Camara volunteers benefited from their experience here.
My name is Hilena Temesgen, I am 25 years old. In 2013, I graduated from Addis Ababa University with a degree in Information Systems. Shortly after that, I joined Camara Education because one of my friends who volunteered there recommended it so highly.

Hilena Temesgen, Data Analyst with Camara Ethiopia

Hilena Temesgen, Data Analyst with Camara Ethiopia

I chose to volunteer with Camara Education because my field or work is related with what Camara is doing, and also I was interested and wanted to learn more about processing computers and proper maintenance and this seemed like the ideal place for me to get work experience.

Volunteering with Camara helped me alot in developing my career, I was able to put my skills into practice while sharing knowledge with other volunteers, because everyone has a different educational background and it’s very important to share such knowledge with one another. My time as a volunteer was great, I felt I really was able to develop my skillset and became much more familiar with computer hardware.

After being a volunteer for 6 months, I got an internship on school support, and I have now been promoted to the role as Data Analyst with Camara Ethiopia. My role is identifying required data, testing data quality and helping the Application Development Team with our new initiatives. Finally, it is a big privilege for me working with Camara, I find technology improves education in the classroom because students can gather any information by using technology like Wikipedia, Google and so on. Technology has a big role in education and I highly recommend anyone with any skills or interest in the area to donate some time and volunteer so they too can improve education for those less fortunate.


I’m Jackson Ong, I’m 23 years old and volunteer as a Workshop Technician with Camara Education in Dublin. I’m a full time student at the National College of Ireland, studying a Bsc. Honours Degree in Computer Science.
I always had a big passion to fix things. In college I had to choose between programming and hardware and always thought hardware would be more comfortable and interesting for me. Working as a technician in the Camara workshop gives me a good opportunity to put the theory and knowledge from the classroom to test.

Jackson Ong, Workshop Technician with in the Camara workshop in Dublin.

Jackson Ong, Workshop Technician with in the Camara workshop in Dublin.

In my day to day duties with Camara, I always know the work I do is helping others. I really enjoy the training aspect and I like the troubleshooting part of the job,it’s challenging but rewarding. All of the volunteers work well together and we try to make sure operations run as smooth as possible, while I feel I can contribute where my skillset is of most use.

This volunteering experience has been very beneficial to me as I’ve been able to get hands on experience with hardware and I feel organisational skills and management skills will have greatly improved at the end of my placement.
Anyone wanting to volunteer has to have that community spirit and passion for helping others, while at the same time, you’re learning something, so it’s a win win situation.


Hey there! I’m the illustrious Heber Rowan, 27 years of age hailing from Sligo. I have a B.A in Philosophy & Spanish, an M.A in Development studies and a H.Dip in Economics. Professionally, I have experience in Teaching English in rural Japan and interning as a parliamentary assistant within the Irish Parliament.

Wanting to get some practical experience related to my masters, I applied to join Camara Education. I heard about Camara many years ago through different friends and thought it would be a wonderful next step to take in my career. The office team is quite friendly and everyone shares a belief in what we do. We all come from different backgrounds and nationalities though I have been made feel quite welcome in my time here since April.

I work with the monitoring and evaluation officer to assistant looking at ways to improve the efficacy of our work within our projects abroad. From research academically on methods of investigating education standards within our technological future to analyzing data of our field research across the world; in my own way I make contribute to Camara’s operations and it is deeply fulfilling. To work within development, you need to build up a range of experience, Camara grants me that opportunity. I would highly recommend anyone with skills to share and a strong interest in the future of education to come forward and volunteer for Camara in whatever capacity they can.