195 Kenyan primary schools equipped with Camara eLearning centres. Part of iMlango project to benefit 150,000 children.

Project iMlango Camara’s groundbreaking educational initiative, in partnership with the UK Department for International Development (DFID) and corporate partners Avanti, sQuid and Whizz

Look! Computers bring learning to life for children of different ages at Mji Wan Salama Childrens Home blog

Look! Computers bring learning to life for children of different ages at Mji Wan Salama Childrens Home blog

Education is now in its First Phase in delivering improved education outcomes to 150,000 children.

Camara Education are delighted to announce that they have now completed all computer dispatches for the iMlango project, with fully functioning computers labs now set up in all 195 schools.

The Camara Kenya team have worked tirelessly over the last few months preparing the schools for the arrival of the computers. Setting up the classrooms has been no easy task with schools needing their electricity supply checked, new wiring put in place and in some cases furniture, such as chairs and tables sourced. Once the schools were fully prepared the team set out dispatching the IT equipment, often travelling long distances to reach rural schools across several regions in Kenya. Camara Kenya’s work however has only just began, with their next task to provide instruction for over 2000 teachers, so that they may be able to use the technology effectively in their classrooms.

Several pilot schools on the iMlango project are also now fully operational, with the remainder of the schools due to start up later this year. Class and school attendance are being tracked and reported on in these schools. Even more groundbreaking, is that each each child’s performance is being monitored, allowing for the first time, live progress monitoring across the entire intervention.

“The introduction of iMlango has come at the right time especially during this time of technology in the 21century. By integrating ICT in schools, it will help learning to be real and enjoyable reducing truancy in schools. Teachers will also get the opportunity to get more information from the internet thus giving pupils the content they need.” Monicah Robi Mokenye, Kenyan teacher

Project iMlango is a hugely exciting initiative for Camara and one which we are extremely proud to be part of. It is a shining example of what can be achieved when charities and businesses come together.