A blog from Camara Education CEO, John Fitzsimons.

Pictured is Patience, a student of the Ganjoni Primary School in Kenya who became Camara's 1 millionth digitally literate child.

Pictured is Patience, a student of the Ganjoni Primary School in Kenya who became Camara’s 1 millionth digitally literate child.

Neurosurgery. I can’t remember if I ever had a conversation with anyone about it. Yet here I was in Ganjoni Primary School with Patience Kamuche talking about what she wants to do when she

finishes school. Where do you start when talking about Neurosurgery? How did she even know about this medical specialty? Her father is a teacher and mother works at home so it was unlikely to come from them. So I asked Patience where did she uncover this ambition. Her reply was ‘wait a minute’ and she turned back to the computer we were chatting beside. She then proceeded to open Wikipedia for Education. After searching for ‘neurosurgery’, a long page appeared on screen. She pointed to the picture of the surgeon operating on a patient and she said ‘I want to be him’. Patience is in a great school and at the age of 12 is very fortunate to have had access to computers and a world of information for seven years. It’s an education that anyone anywhere would be proud of. I don’t know if there are any or many neurosurgeons in Kenya and certainly less female, however I suspect in about a decade there will be one more.

What struck me from this enlightening encounter is that is not the availability of information, rather the level of ambition that comes from opening ones world. You see lack of this on the streets of Nairobi and Mombasa where so many people are happy idling their day away watching the traffic pass. With ambition you can think big. When you think big, you can achieve so much more. I have no doubt that Kenya is and will be a better place with this smart, ambitious girl. Kenya like so many countries we work in is brimming with potential. We need to continue to work to support the unlocking of that potential to make it the great country it aspires to.