Camara envisions an Ireland where all young people have the skills to realise their potential and confidently create their future. Camara Ireland has worked closely with Gaelscoil Bharra in Cabra in Dublin,

Aodh Ó Máirtín, Teacher in Gaelscoil Bharra Primary School

Aodh Ó Máirtín, Teacher in Gaelscoil Bharra Primary School

supplying both computers and training to the primary school. Aodh Ó Máirtín has introduced many new initiatives both in his classroom and across the school, using the new technology to great effect.

“We take it for granted that kids have laptops but there are always those kids that don’t have access, Camara has given access to what should be available readily.”

“Using Google Docs has allowed us to share information more readily, and allows the students to submit their homework to us online. They can start their work in class, then I can access it later and put in edits as corrections that they see when they look at the document at home.”

“They get to learn the fundamentals of research and how to figure out what information online is actually relevant to them and what isn’t.”

“We have also found it really useful for literacy and numeracy. For example with Maths, I can make it fresher by sending my class the link to a Maths game that we timetable to play for 20 minutes. They can then spend some time writing up what they thought of the game and what they learned. This hits both literacy and numeracy in one exercise.”

“We’ve also used the laptops with history projects. One of the students discovered the free 3D modelling program Sketch Up. He became a kind of mentor for it and introduced it to the rest of the class. The class decided it was useful and fun, so we used it to build 3D models of different types of Celtic and Norman homes through the ages, and compared their similarities and differences.”