Today marks World Youth Skills Day. This day seeks to generate greater awareness of the importance of technical, vocational education, and training and the development of other skills relevant

Students at Nahumba Basic School in Choma, Zambia

Students at Nahumba Basic School in Choma, Zambia

to both local and global economies. It will highlight youth skills development in areas all around the world.

In today’s age, technology is ingrained in all aspects of our daily lives and there is more demand than ever for young people to have digital literacy skills. However, there are those in disadvantaged communities around the world where technology and the internet is not readily available or easily accessible. Camara Education is committed to providing ICT training to youths in these communities by providing them with the necessary resources and support to take their education to the next level.

Every child deserves to be treated to the same level of education. For the last decade, Camara Education has worked towards providing equal learning opportunities for children no matter what their background, gender or upbringing. The organisation refurbishes computers, donated by organisations and individuals, for use in education in disadvantaged communities in Ireland, Africa and the Caribbean.

In the past, students were totally dependent on textbooks, teachers and blackboards. Camara is working to revolutionize the classroom by offering digitalized learning platforms to those who need it most. By introducing technology into the classroom, children are opened up to a whole new world of information and benefit immensely by improving their digital literacy proficiency which will provide them with lifetime skills. By making education more interactive and practical, technology provides higher learning outcomes for both girls and boys.

One million children have now had in excess of 35 hours access to Camara technology and gained the crucial 21st century skill of Digital Literacy and a much improved education as a result.
3,300 E-learning centres have been installed in communities across Ireland, Africa and the Caribbean. It is not a simple matter of placing a computer in front of a child and expecting results to magically happen, the right framework needs to be introduced to ensure a sustainable approach is maintained throughout the education process and into the future. To ensure this,  Camara have provided extensive ICT training to over 18,000 teachers.

The children in these countries are brimming with potential and we need to continue to support and enhance the abilities of our younger generation for future success. World Youth Skills Day is calling on global communities to engage youth to identify types of investments needed to support youth skills development. Together we can all make a difference in youth and skill development and work towards creating a more sustainable future for all.