There are many problems facing the Zambian child today. Poverty is still a major problem in this region and as a result, there is a lack of access to education and not enough resources in place or efforts being made to ensure the next



generation of Zambian students can reach their full potential. Camara Education is working closely in partnership with the Ministry of Education in Zambia on the integration of ICT in Education in the country.

Camara Dublin hub, based in Chapelizod, has just sent out a container with 1,110 computers packed securely inside to make the 12,007km journey to Lusaka, Zambia to provide digital literacy to over 22,000 children across the country. This brings the total number of computers Camara has sent to Zambia to over 11,000.

Camara Zambia, CEO, James Murdoch said, “There is a strong demand from educational institutions for Camara services. Camara Zambia has been working with the Ministry of Education here to expand our reach to schools. The government this year added Computer Studies to the curriculum for grade 8 and 9 students so there is much more interest in ICT and education”.

It’s not just a case of placing a computer in front of a child and expecting results to happen, Camara is dedicated to revolutionizing teaching practices by providing in-depth ICT training to all teachers who will be using these platforms, as Murdoch explains, “Camara Zambia is working to support teachers to use computers to boost other curricular subjects and improve educational outcomes across the board. With this in mind we have also developed a comprehensive monitoring and evaluation system to gauge results and promote best practice”.

Camara aims to break away from the traditional and outdated chalkboard teaching practices by using technology to provide a more interactive and personalised learning experience for children who would normally not have access to these IT systems. These experiences will provide lifetime skills to the children that will benefit them into their adulthood and future careers.

Camara believe education is the key to alleviating poverty in Zambia and with their continued efforts, a prosperous world class educated Zambian society is not far away.