Press Release – 29 July

Pupils at a Primary School in Ethiopia. Photographer John Fitzsimons

Pupils at a Primary School in Ethiopia. Photographer: John Fitzsimons

President Barack Obama’s visit to Africa has raised a lot of topics, he has spoken of equality, respect and the vast potential Africa has to become a leading power in the world. However there is still work to be done and Obama urged those in attendance during his conference in Ethiopia to invest in Africa’s future, “The most urgent task for Africa today is to create opportunities for this next generation.”

Camara Education is a Social Enterprise which aspires to do just that, using technology to deliver digital literacy skills, and equal learning opportunities to children in disadvantaged communities around the world. This week, Camara are sending a final container of over 900 computers to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. These computers will be sent out to schools across Ethiopia’s Regional Education Bureaus as part of an eLearning package which Camara provides, including teacher training and support and maintenance.

They also mark the completion of Camara’s agreement with Ethiopia’s Ministry of Education to provide 17,500 computers and training of a minimum of 1,750 teachers over 5 years, a target that will now be met with the delivery of this final container. Camara’s partnership with the ministry is working to close not only the huge gap in ICT access in remote areas, but also provide the much needed capacity building and teacher training.

While Camara celebrates another significant achievement with the completion of this contract, it won’t stop there and Camara are now finalising another agreement which will see them continuing to spread higher educational outcomes through technology across Ethiopia. To date, Camara has provided digital literacy skills to over a million children and in the next year they hope to make that 2 million and empower more children to reach their potential.