A Kenyan update with Changez Ndzai

It’s eight thirty in the morning, just thirty minutes after the Camara Kenya offices are opened. I am just settling down to work for the day, when I hear one of the office phone’s ringing, the voice on the other end is from a teacher from Takaungu primary school. We greet each other enthusiastically before he explains to me,  ”There are some visitors who would like to come visit your offices, they are our sponsors who helped supply the Camara package to our primary school and they are eager to meet everyone at the hub”. It’s great to meet our sponsors in person and thank them for their generosity while being able to give them an in-depth look at Camara operations in Kenya, so on I went to Nyali Nakumatt where our guests were waiting for us.

Though there is the usual morning traffic jam, I am determined to pick up the visitors from Nyali to Buxton where our Camara Kenya offices are located. I am eager to meet these sponsors, not only for me but for the whole Camara Kenya team, as they are loyal supporters of our organisation. Though the weather is cloudy, since it has been raining over the night, one can still can feel the humidity and heat of the Mombasa atmosphere.

I don’t have to spend too long travelling before I arrive inside the Nakumatt Nyali Cafe, where I am greeted by Elizabeth and her husband who are enjoying some local coffee. They welcome me

Elizabeth pauses for a photo at our Camara Kenya offices (1)

Elizabeth pauses for a photo at our Camara Kenya offices 

with a broad smile on their face, which convinces me that they appreciate not only my presence here but also the services we deliver as Camara Kenya. I am offered a seat at their table and after giving an introduction of myself and my background, Elizabeth begins to tell me how it is she came to be connected with Camara.

Since 2006, Elizabeth and her friends, Petra and Mariane have come together to volunteer and help the disadvantaged people in the community along the coastal region of Kenya especially the Takaungu area. Takaungu is a small rural village located on the Kenyan Coast between Mombasa and Malindi, in Kilifi County. Elizabeth is a principle at Triangle primary school back in Rotterdam Holland, while Petra and Mariane also work as teachers. Together they find it a pleasure to be able to help the vulnerable people at Takaungu by buying computers and books for both Takaungu primary and secondary schools respectively, this sponsorship is made possible through donations back in Holland. Since 2012, they have purchased Camara computers for both primary and secondary schools in Takaungu.

Elizabeth spoke of her gratitude for Camara operations in the country, especially our after sale services which includes detailed teacher training and ongoing computer maintenance support.She has seen first hand, the personalized learning experience that has now been opened up to these children where the games are oriented according to the subject the students are learning. It is clear there is higher learner outcome for students in this school with the introduction of computers in the classroom. As I show her around the Camara Kenya offices with our CEO, Masoud, Elizabeth grows excited and is hopeful of sponsoring the Takaungu schools with more computers in the future. It’s always pleasant to receive such positive feedback from those working with the schools and knowing that the Camara name has traveled all the way to Holland, this gives us more motivation to keep up our hard work in Kenya as we continue to help children across the country fulfill their potential.