Today marks World Humanitarian Day, a day to promote social empowering stories and honor those around the world who have helped improve the livelihood of poverty stricken people around

eLearning centre in Jangwani Secondary School in Tanzania

eLearning centre in Jangwani Secondary School in Tanzania

the world. Ireland is the 11th highest provider of assistance in the world and we have consistently exceeded expectations in global development issues, proving what an altruistic society we live in.

It is imperative that we start putting more focus on providing equal learning opportunities to children in the developing world. Education is a basic human right. But resources for schools are sometimes extremely limited. Camara Education is an international charity that uses technology to deliver 21st century skills to improve education in disadvantaged countries. Camara provides schools with computers and the relevant training to help provide a fun and interactive classroom experience that students would of never seen before.

Speaking at the launch of the 2014 Camara Education Annual Report, Camara CEO, John Fitzsimons said “poverty is unacceptable, education is the key to its eradication and technology has the ability to improve the quality of education.”

Fitzsimons explains how the introduction of ICT in the classroom will provide lifelong skills/learning outcomes for students, “they are hungry for knowledge and adapt quickly to this new digital world at their fingertips., it’s a new experience but their excitement and curiosity help take them to the next level. By using technology to simplify learning in the classroom, we can help build confidence and skills in our youth and give them the tools to be leaders and role models in their community.”

Camara have provided ICT equipment and training in disadvantaged communities for nearly a decade and have seen the immediate benefits in these communities and schools. One student, Sheila from the Jangwani Secondary School in Tanzania, sees a bright future as a result of her interactions with technology in the classroom, “Technology is important in my education because it helps me to become an innovator.”

Camara believe education is the key to alleviating poverty in the developing world and by establishing technology and ICT in the classroom environment, a prosperous world class educated society is not far away.

Challenges still remain, there are rural schools that lack electricity or basic internet access, but we are working to overcome these barriers and provide better education platforms for those in disadvantaged communities. It’s time to empower the next generation of youths in these communities and help them fulfill their potential.