Camara Annual Report 2014

Camara Education are delighted to announce the launch of our 2014 Annual Report. Camara Education is committed to closing the digital divide by improving education in disadvantaged communities around the world. In 2014, we delivered training to 4,299 educators and reached over 600 educational institutions in ten countries.

This year’s annual report details the progress that Camara has made in these communities as well as our future ambitions. Speaking at the launch of the 2014 Camara Education Annual Report, Camara CEO, John Fitzsimons said “poverty is unacceptable, education is the key to its eradication and technology has the ability to improve the quality of education.”

Figures from the annual report show that the introduction of computers in the classroom has made learning easier and more enjoyable, with teachers and principals also in agreement that the school curriculum is far more attainable since the children started using computers. This and many more insights and statistics of our work can be found in the Monitoring & Evaluation  section of our annual report.

Fitzsimons explains how the introduction of ICT in the classroom will provide lifelong skills/learning outcomes for students, “they are hungry for knowledge and adapt quickly to this new digital world at their fingertips, it’s a new experience but their excitement and curiosity help take them to the next level. By using technology to simplify learning in the classroom, we can help build confidence and skills in our youth and give them the tools to be leaders and role models in their community.”

2014 also brought with it some exciting landmarks for Camara, we shipped our 50,000th computer, launched our new three year strategy and made some exciting partnerships in Kenya and Tanzania.

No one can better articulate the impact Camara are having in the classroom than teachers like Veronica Onjoro from Kokowani Primary school, Mombasa, Kenya: “I believe that teaching has been made more interesting. The students can express themselves better through using the Camara PCs. I believe the grades have improved across the board since the PCs were introduced. The improvement in students who I would expect to perform poorly have particularly surprised and delighted me.”

The success stories we hear from teachers and students is what drives us to dream and think bigger. 2015 has already brought us new levels of growth and we plan to provide digital literacy skills to over a million children by the end of the year. Students like Laurencia Isak from the Debrabant High School in Tanzania is already benefiting from these platforms and he envisions a bright future for himself, “Material loaded in the Camara computers can help me pass my exams and I have acquired ICT skills which could help me get employment in the future.”

You can read the 2014 Annual Report below. Come connect with us at Camara as we work towards a bigger and brighter future.

2014 Camara Education Annual Report


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  1. Technology enhance education and end poverty. It would be just a matter of quality of education equalization around the world. We always have this question on the table to inspire progress; How all children around the world could have access to same education resources to grow equally in knowledge? The answer would trigger new ideas, appropriate inventions to tackle this era development challenges. Studies show 83% increase in number of students using online material to study. Every generation its reading motivation, today YOUTH has shown much excitement for digital reading. Continuous support for computer and tablets in classroom address better better ways to address digital divide issues but it takes an expert to get full advantage of it, otherwise might turn into an unspeakable waste.

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