The latest insight into Camara Operations in Kenya by our dedicated volunteer, Changez Ndzai.

Camara has long been committed to transforming education through the use of ICT (Information Communications Technology) systems and the impact we are having on communities world wide

Masoud Ali, CEO of Camara Kenya explains to Dr. Vincent O’Neill how Camara provides opportunity to youths in the community to volunteer at Camara and improve their skills and gain valuable work experience so they can be more employable in the future.

is getting noticed more and more as we continue to tackle education challenges from the grassroots up. Here in Africa, not only the students are benefiting from Camara services but the teachers as well. Camara realise that for technology to be integrated successfully into the classroom and for students to get the full benefit, teachers need to be properly educated in ICT systems. The training Camara offers across the country is being celebrated by the teachers as they now have the proper skills and confidence in place to effectively teach using ICT systems.

The good work Camara has been doing across the world has been touching the souls of many different people. Recently we had a special visitor to the hub in the Irish Ambassador to Kenya, Dr. Vincent O’Neill. Our staff and volunteers were extremely excited to give him an insight into Camara operations in Kenya. With Camara being an Irish Organization and its headquarters located in Dublin, Ireland, we had the opportunity to welcome the Ambassador, who had heard nothing but promising news about the work Camara has been doing here in Kenya and other African countries.

It was my great pleasure on behalf of Camara to meet such a high Irish government official. But I was very keen to know how he got to know about Camara Organization operations.  It was only upon a visit back home to Dublin, Ireland that Camara organisation on local media which encouraged him to research more on the organisation and see the impact Camara were having in the local community. Dr Vincent O’Neill told me he was impressed by how Camara were using technology as a means to eradicate poverty in Africa and beyond and this is why he was very keen to visit  our Kenyan Hub and see operations first hand.

Irish Ambassador Vincent O’Neill observes a student complete his Maths homework with the help of technology.

Upon Ambassador O’Neills visit to the Camara Kenya hub, he was welcomed by our CEO Mr. Masoud and he was taken around the facilities. He spent a lot of time speaking with the Camara Kenya staff and volunteers and he also got the opportunity to see some of our technicians performing their daily duties of processing computers, before they were transported to new schools.

After his tour around the hub, he was taken to the Tom Mboya Primary School where he got to interact with the teachers and students in the Camara eLearning centre. Ambassador O’Neil commented that the introduction of computers into the school system here will open up a whole new world of information for the students to benefit from and use for school projects. It is great to hear such encouraging words from a high ranking government official from Ireland. Camara’s presence in Kenya is getting stronger and stronger and we envision the organisation having a major impact in near future.