AR 2015 cover

AR 2015 cover

Camara Education is delighted to announce the launch of our Camara Education Annual Report 2015  detailing some of our biggest landmarks and partnerships from the last year as well as some inspiring stories from home and overseas. Many thanks to everyone who contributed to the making of the annual report, particularly our volunteers.

2015 was another incredibly successful year for us. In 2015, Camara Education recorded a 35% increase in incoming resources and 41% increase in charitable activities. This growth has been driven by an increase in educational services projects.

In addition, Camara distributed 12,303 computers to 580 schools, and trained 6,256 teachers on use of ICT in education, which impacted 258,363 students. Compared to last year, this represents a 6% increase in computers distributed, 46% increase in teachers trained and 6% increase in impacted students. As these numbers by themselves do not show the full spectrum of the impact Camara is making, we conduct an annual Monitoring & Evaluation exercise in order to assess the relevance, effectiveness and impact of activities we carried out. 92% of schools reported having a positive experience with Camara.

As a not for profit organisation, transparency and compliance are integral parts of our DNA. Our independently audited annual accounts, our annual report and our ongoing Monitoring and Evaluation activity are publicly available on our website at all times (see here). Our independent board of directors meet regularly (link to board profile here). Thanks to your wonderful support Camara is well on the way to making 2 million children digitally literate by the end of 2016 thus changing their lives forever.  

Since 2005, Camara has raised and generated €20m, trained 24,000 teachers across 4,000 eLearning Centres, and installed 80,000 computers, enabling 1,800,000 children to improve their educational outcomes, including for example the attainment of better grades.