Camara Education is delighted to be officially announced as one of the three winners of the Pan African Awards for Entrepreneurship in Education 2016 run by Teach a Man to Fish. There were over 400 applicant organisations.

The Pan African Awards reward the very best projects which are using enterprise and entrepreneurship to innovate in the field of education. Teach A Man To Fish manage the awards using their expertise in enterprise education and highlight inspirational models and projects through their large network of educational organisations and schools and their work aims to eradicate poverty by providing good quality, low-cost, relevant education to young people in developing countries.

The award acknowledges relates to our iKnowledge project in Tanzania –

iKnowledge is a unique programme that Camara Education delivers to achieve the goal of improving the educational outcomes and life opportunities for young people. It provides beneficiaries with the platforms, skills and support to be entrepreneurs in their community. It enables beneficiaries to generate revenue that funds on-going costs of ICT-based solutions provided by the project.”

According to the United Nations Department of Social and Economic Affairs, whilst populations across the world are stabilising in size, both Africa and Asia are in the midst of substantial changes in the size of their youth populations. By 2030 it is predicted that the number of youth in Africa will have increased by 42%. According to the same report, many of these countries experiencing rapid growth amongst their youth are at risk of ever increasing youth unemployment. It is against this backdrop and with empowering young people to be agents of progress and entrepreneurship in mind that the Pan African Awards for Entrepreneurship in Education exists. The aim of the Awards also includes changing the attitudes of young people so that they begin to leave the education system as the job creators of the future rather than job seekers.

We are delighted to announce these incredible organisations operating in Africa who are fostering a culture of entrepreneurship among young people. It is important that young people learn early on that they have the power to be leaders in business and job creators of the 21st Century.” – Nik Kafka, CEO of Teach A Man To Fish

Winners of the the Pan African Awards for Entrepreneurship in Education 2016
Winners of the the Pan African Awards for Entrepreneurship in Education 2016

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