Camara have come up with an ambitious plan to raise £100,000
to help some of the world’s most disadvantaged children.
We need to get £25,000 in pledges from companies like yours.
Your donation could be quadrupled, so a £10,000 pledge could
help Camara raise £40,000.

Where Will the Money Go?

Your donation will dramatically improve the effectiveness of our existing computer labs in Kenya, Tanzania and Zambia by providing ICT training to 1000 teachers and offering maintenance and technical support to 200 schools. Both elements play a vital role in ensuring that students get the maximum benefit from the computers we provide. 

By 2035, Africa will have the largest workforce in the world. Investing in young people’s education is the best way to make the most of this opportunity. Being able to use a computer makes it easier to get a job, start a business, or work more productively. Providing teachers with basic ICT skills and ensuring that schools’ computers work is an exceptionally efficient way to enhance students’ access to technology and improve their ability to use it. 

The money raised in the Christmas Challenge will provide 5 days of face-to-face teacher training to 1000 teachers in 200 schools across 3 countries. Once trained, the teachers can develop their skills further through our online Learning Academy, with courses focused on improving their ability to integrate ICT into teaching and learning. Computers that are not updated and fully functional are of no use to students or their teachers, so each school will also receive a maintenance and technical support visit which will upgrade and extend the life of their computer labs. This project will directly impact over 80,000 children, helping them learn the vital skills necessary to flourish in a digital age. 

More About Pledges

Pledge promises are used to double online donations and could be worth four times their original value. How? Securing pledges makes Camara eligible for up to the same amount in Champion match funds. If we succeed in getting these, they are combined with our pledges to form a matching pot. This pot doubles online donations made to Camara during the Christmas Challenge. So £10,000 is doubled to £20,000, and then during the Challenge week our supporters donate, and their donations are matched from the pot – so £20,000 becomes £40,000. 

To make a pledge, you have to commit by the end of August. But the money is only payable after the Campaign in December. If we fail to get donations to match, you don’t have to pay out.