The Big give 22


Camara has been selected to take part in this year’s Big Give Christmas Challenge, the UK’s largest match funding campaign. We are seeking to raise £58,000 to restore schools ravaged by the recent conflict in Ethiopia. 

Donations made online between 29th November and 6th December 2022 will be doubled.

£25, doubled to £50, will pay for a refurbished computer to install in a school. If you can give £350, doubled to £700, you could pay for an entire teacher-training package for a school, directly impacting over 700 children and thousands more over the teachers’ careers. £2500, which becomes £5000 for Camara, will provide an entire eLearning centre together with training for its teachers and support and maintenance for a year.

Where Will the Money Go?

Computer Lab Before Funding

On top of the grave human suffering that it has caused, the conflict in the northern part of Ethiopia including Tigray, Amhara and Afar resulted in the destruction of countless schools and their infrastructure. Many students have been without proper education for well over a year. 

Your donation to the Christmas Challenge will help rehabilitate twelve schools in the Amhara and Afar regions, getting children back into school and providing them with the digital know-how essential to become part of a 21st century workforce. Each school will be equipped with an eLearning centre containing 40 desktop computers, along with a server to host educational resources and allow montioring of the computers’ usage. We’ll train five teachers from each school and provide quarterly support and maintenance visits for two years.

Computer Lab After Funding

More About The Big Give

Through the Big Give, we have secured £29,000 in match funding. This pot doubles online donations made to Camara during the Christmas Challenge. So every pound you donate is doubled. If you can give £25, doubled to £50, that will pay for a refurbished computer to install in the eLearning centre. £350, doubled to £700, would provide the entire teacher-training package to a school, directly impacting over 700 children plus thousands more over the teachers’ careers.

To donate, visit our Big Give page between midday on November 29th and noon on December 6th. Matched donations can only be made online, using a debit or credit card. 

The big Give