Volunteer with Camara and make a difference.

Our volunteers are at the very core of what we do and have been since the beginning. Find out what it’s like to work with a dynamic social enterprise, learn valuable skills and give your career a boost. Whether you’re looking to gain hands on practical skills in our computer workshop or take up one of our office volunteer positions, we’d love to hear from you.

Refurbishing Computers

Have you got a positive attitude but lack technical skills? If so, we have other opportunities in the workshop that may suit you. Whilst on the job, informal training can help those with little technical expertise and give you a thorough grounding in all aspects of the work we do.

Camara also provides structured placements to those who have recently completed a PC Maintenance or similar course and welcome applications for those seeking work experience.

Email: londoninfo@camara.org or phone: +44 (0)20 8670 1225  to find out more.

Positions currently available

Workshop Technician

We are currently looking for volunteers to fill several positions in our workshop. Please email londoninfo@camara.org to find out more.

Workshop Technician

 Internships and Office Positions

Camara offers internships and volunteering opportunities throughout the year, our interns and volunteers include college students, recent graduates and unemployed skilled workers. In return for their time and expertise, Camara offers individuals the opportunity to find out what it’s like to work with a dynamic and innovative organisation and to gain real work experience in their field. Volunteers bring passion, commitment, and new perspectives to Camara, which is vital for the development of the organisation and Camara gains enormous benefit from the contributions of supporters.

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For more information email: londoninfo@camara.org


Volunteer videos and stories

Camara are fortunate to have so many dedicated people who give their time for free, to support the work we do. Volunteers bring a diverse range of skills, knowledge and expertise to the Camara team. Volunteers include college students, unemployed skilled workers and recent graduates using their knowledge at Camara to obtain further work experience.

Meet our volunteers

David Sheehan

David Sheehan

Media and Communications Officer

Having worked in finance for over ten years David made the big decision to change careers and completed a post-grad in Public Relations before taking up a 6 month internship with Camara as the Media and Communications Officer. This is what he had to say about his role. “While many internships in PR can revolve around doing very menial tasks, the role at Camara is very hands-on. From day one I was given projects to work on which were solely my responsibility. With such a small number of employees in the office, everyone really has to take ownership of their own jobs, so it is a great opportunity to prove myself in a new role and develop new skills.” You can read David’s blog here.
Eddie O’Reilly

Eddie O’Reilly

Workshop Technician

Eddie started work with Camara a year ago, having been offered a place on the Tús back-to-work scheme. Eddie’s role sees him log every computer that comes through the door of the Chapelizod workshop into the Camara database. It’s a hectic role which keeps him on his toes. “I’d say I’ve logged somewhere between 25,000 and 30,000 computers since I’ve started here. I’ve really enjoyed my time here. I’m gonna be sending out some CVs soon, and hopefully something comes up. Everyone here has been great and I’ll definitely miss it when I leave. Hopefully Jim (workshop manager) gives me a good reference.” Read more about Eddie here
Annie Chamberlain

Annie Chamberlain

Marketing and Communications Officer

Annie took up an 8 week placement with Camara helping out with everything from marketing to graphic design! “Working at Camara combines many of my interests. I am eager to develop my business skills, but I also have a keen interest in education and the non-profit sector. How amazing is it to gain experience in your field, all while working in a different culture and working towards such an amazing social initiative? I can’t think of better motivation than to know the work you’re doing contributes to such a great cause. I have learned a great deal and felt a part of the Camara family right away. The Camara team was great at getting me involved in projects that combined my current skills and experience with what I wanted to learn and take away from my internship.”

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Volunteer Policies

Read the policies that guide us

Volunteer policy


Camara recognises that in order to achieve our goals we need to involve volunteers. We regard volunteers as a valuable resource and encourage them to get involved at all levels of the organisation and within all appropriate activities. We aim to train, support and supervise our volunteers to the best of our abilities and to act quickly and fairly if difficulties arise.

The aim of this policy is to communicate the commitment of Camara and to ensure that there is adherence to best practice for working with volunteers.

Camara Volunteer Policy (0.1MB | PDF)



Volunteer Grievance Policy


Camara recognise that volunteers have the right to raise grievances about any matter related to their volunteering (this could be in relation to another volunteer, a member of the paid staff, or the manner in which they are being treated by Camara).

The welfare of its volunteers is of paramount importance to Camara. The grievance procedure is in place to ensure that all volunteers are dealt with in a fair manner.

Volunteer Grievance Policy (0.3MB | PDF)


Volunteer Disciplinary Procedure


Camara recognise that the object of disciplinary procedures is to give clear guidelines to the organisation’s volunteers in the establishment of standards of conduct, and in the effective operation of the services provided by Camara.

The procedures aim is to ensure that the standards are adhered to and that those involved in the disciplinary matter are dealt with in a fair manner.

Volunteer Disciplinary Procedure (0.3MB | PDF)



Diginity at work policy


Camara is fully committed to implementing and promoting measures to protect the dignity of employees and volunteers and to encourage respect for fellow colleagues. This is achieved by creating a work environment free from harassment, sexual harassment, bullying, racism and disrespectful behaviour, by dealing effectively with any complaints of such conduct, and also by welcoming diversity and promoting employment/volunteering equality.

Diginity at work policy (0.1MB | PDF)


Child Protection Policy


Camara are committed to providing a a Child-Friendly and Child-Safe environment in all aspects of it’s business. See full Policy here.

Child Protection Policy (0.1MB | PDF)



Equal Opportunities Policy


Camara is committed to policies and practices that provide equality of opportunity for all, protect the dignity of employees and volunteers and promote respect for others at work. All employees/volunteers are required to take personal and individual responsibility to comply with these policies in order to ensure they behave in a non-discriminatory way, and do not participate in any acts of inappropriate behaviour, harassment or bullying.

Equal Opportunities Policy (0.1MB | PDF)


Volunteer Travel Expenses Policy, Ireland


Volunteers give their time and skills free of charge, however Camara will reimburse any out of pocket travel expenses you may incur in the course of undertaking voluntary work for the organisation, provided these have previously been agreed upon by your supervisor.
Please note, Camara do not reimburse any travel expenses to and from the Camara workshop.

Volunteer Travel Expenses Policy (0.2MB | PDF)


Health and Safety Statement


Camara adheres to all health and safety legislation to provide a healthy work environment, as far as is practicable and as set out in the company Health and Safety Statement. Employees and volunteers also have responsibilities for their own safety and should be aware of these.

Health and Safety Statement (0.7MB | PDF)



Environmental Policy


Camara regards environmental protection as an integral and essential part of good business practice. We are committed to achieving and maintaining a high standard of environmental quality in all of our operations, to the protection of health and the environment and are determined to minimise any adverse impacts as a result of our activities.

Environmental Policy (0.03MB | PDF)



Sale of Computers policy


Sale of Computers Policy (0.2MB | PDF)


We are very lucky in Camara to have so many people interested in volunteering with us, and so are not always in a position to offer a volunteer place immediately. If you would like to volunteer with us please register your interest by signing up to our Newsletter below and we will keep you informed of what’s happening at Camara and all upcoming roles and projects.

To apply for one of the positions above, please complete the application form here and attach your CV and cover letter.

For more information, email Hester at hester@camara.org or call (01) 652 2668.