Jesus and Mary School in Gros Morne. Computer lab as part of our UCDVO project, Camara's first solar lab!

Our Beginning

The Camara Haiti project was established in August 2013 with sponsorship provided by Fondation Digicel. Haven Partnership and Soul of Haiti provided additional funding and support as well for the first year of operation and continue to be a valued partner in eLearning Centre delivery. The first installation on Ile a Vache was the beginning of what is now Camara Haiti, a thriving educational hub dedicated to ensuring communities in some of the most economically challenged regions of Haiti have access to technology and educational opportunities.

What We Offer:

10/15/20 Computer eLearning Centres – All Camara Haiti eLearning Centres include the installation of computers (desktops or laptops), English, French, and Creole Ubuntu content, one year of technical support and maintenance, and end of life reclamation and environmentally responsible recycling. eLearning Centre installations consisting of 10 computers include 3 days of teacher training, 15 computers include 4 days of teacher training, and 20 computers include 5 days of teacher training. Networked environments, electrical fit out and security is not included in the standard pricing, but can be provided at an additional cost through our service partners.

Special Services:

  1. Solar eLearning Centres – We provide solar installations in partnership with our Haitian solar service provider, DigitalKap.
  2. We provide custom training packages for teachers on a variety of subjects.