Camara sets up computer labs in schools.  We call them eLearning Centres.

We train the teachers how to integrate technology into the curriculum, so enhancing student’s learning.

We do this using a Social Enterprise Model

“A social economy enterprise operates like a business, produces goods and services for the market, but manages its operations and redirects its surpluses in pursuit of social and environmental goals.”

– Defining the Social Economy, by Fiona Salkie, Senior Policy Analyst, WD Headquarters, Edmonton

Camara’s Delivery Model

We take computers donated by companies, refurbish and securely erase all data on them. 

  • These computers are set up as eLearning Centres in schools in Africa and Ireland.
  • The teachers are trained how to use the Centres to improve the quality of education their students receive. 
  • Camara designs educational software, tied to the local curriculum, that is installed in the Centres
  • These Centres are supported by warranty and maintenance contracts with the schools
  • We incentivise the return of end-of-life computers and ensure they are ethically recycled.

We establish an ‘Education Hub’ in each country in which we work. This Hub is a local version of Camara and is responsible for delivering all our projects in that country. Each hub also works with schools and youth centres on an individual basis offering a set of ‘ICT in Education’ products such as computers and teacher training at a socially affordable price.

Computer Donation