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All of our resources are free under the GNU* License. Anyone can download, modify and redistribute all of our software, multimedia programs and training guides.

Camarabuntu build

Our build images are created using Clonezilla. Refer to this article for instructions on how to restore the Camarabuntu image once you download a copy from the link below (download the complete folder as found on Google Drive):

Camarabuntu 14.04 (currently refreshing…) (google drive folder link)

Camara Wikipedia

Camara Wikipedia is a condensed version of the popular website:

Setup Guides

Camara Training

Camara is not only committed to sending out computers to schools in Africa packed with Educational, Multimedia and Office software; we also provide ICT teacher training and include a full suite of start up guides for the novice computer user to help educate in Africa.

Camara’s Learning Framework

Click on the link below for more information on Camara’s Learning Framework. Camara’s Learning Framework

Intel Teach Programme

Click on the link below for more information on the courses that we offer. Getting Started Course Overview

Skill Builder Guides

Camara ICT Skillbuilder for Teachers is the basic ICT course offering for teachers. Its focus is for participants that have little or no experience in ICT and wish to enhance their skills to enhance their working environment. For teachers, this course is the first essential course in the progression of integration of ICT in the workplace and classroom.

Free to Download:

Lesson Plans

These lesson plans are intended for basic ICT training in Camara Computer Labs. They are designed to be used along with our Skillbuilder Guides.

Free to download:

Camara’s Respect Programme

HIV/AIDS is obviously an enormous factor for any development organisation working in Lesotho (with a prevalence rate of 23%). Des O’ Connell produced the Respect Programme for the Hub, and Jeanne Barrett developed the accompanying Respect Teacher’s Manual. Between them they’re a very powerful educational tool, and certainly the only localised example we know of for the country.

Khan Academy/RACHEL

The Khan Academy/RACHEL (Remote Areas Community Hotspots for Education and Learning) initiative is a program to advance education through technology in emerging countries. It aims to leverage the large volume of open and free educational courses and libraries available online and make them accessible to communities with no internet access or very limited bandwidth. RACHEL materials can be accessed here.


Teacher Education in Sub Saharan Africa brings together teachers and teacher educators from across Africa and offers a range of materials (Open Educational Resources) to support school based teacher education and training. TESSA resources can be accessed here.

Camara Education Ireland Resources

Camara Submissions to the Department of Education

Department of Education Final Submission / PDF (138kb)

Camara Ireland Submission on the Consultation Paper – Statement of Strategy 2016-2018 / PDF (477kb)