Camara Education

is a non-profit international educational organisation dedicated to delivering real impact through technology by inspiring and empowering a young generation to improve their own life opportunities.


Those who engage with Camara subscribe to the following founding beliefs:


Poverty is unacceptable in the 21st century

Education is the key to alleviating poverty

Technology has the ability to radically improve education

Our mission is to transform education using technology to empower disadvantaged students.

Our vision is a world-class technology-enabled education accessible to all.

Camara has four values that we demonstrate every day through our behaviour and that are the essence of Camara. When you engage with Camara you will see these demonstrated:

Committed: We deliver results

Caring: We care for our people and those we serve

Creative: We innovate to solve problems

Collaborative: We achieve more by working together

In addition to its core objective, Camara has a positive impact on:

Sharing practical employment skills. Significant transfer of skills takes place through the volunteer programmes; this has improved volunteer’s skill-sets and employability. Camara serves educational institutes in the area in which it has established education hubs and sub-hubs. We have criteria for those educational institutes we do not serve; however, it is not common for them to approach Camara but rather to purchase new technology. In most Camara countries, the vast majority of schools are labelled as disadvantaged. Camara focuses on the most disadvantaged schools that have electricity and the financial resources required.
The environment through the reuse of technology. Camara regards environmental protection as an integral and essential part of good business practice. We are committed to achieving and maintaining a high standard of environmental quality in all of our operations, to the protection of health and the environment, and are determined to minimise any adverse impacts as a result of our activities.

Camara was founded in 2005 and since then has impacted over two million learners.

Camara is a registered charity in Ireland, the UK and the US. The hub network has grown to include two computer refurbishment hubs (Dublin and London) and six education hubs (Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Lesotho and Ireland).

Camara eLearning Package

Camara adopts a social enterprise model that sells the Camara package to schools at heavily subsidised prices making them affordable and valued to even the most disadvantaged communities.

Hardware and Educational software packages

Computers are loaded with educational content along with an offline copy of Wikipedia for Education. Other resources such as RACHEL repository and Khan Academy video resources are available through content servers when deployed.

Teacher training

Training typically consists of an ICT Literacy course called Camara ICT Skillbuilder for Teachers, Intel’s Teach programme or Cisco IT Essentials Computer Maintenance.

Technical support

Provided by computer technicians working from our network of Hubs, this support is built into the sales contract signed by each school with technical backup ranging from 6 to 36 months.


At the end of their useful lives, computers are returned to the Hubs. Obsolete equipment is then recycled by one of our accredited recycling partners.

What is the Plan?

In the four years from 2017 to 2020, Camara will improve the quality of education for an additional three million students. Key to achieving this is being rigorous in the measurement of our impact. More importantly, we need to relentlessly act upon those measurements to ensure we are meeting the needs of our educators and young people. By effecting continued systemic change in the education systems we work in we will broaden our impact to a far larger population. In addition our efforts will be contributing, to, amongst others, the Sustainable Development Goal 4; Quality Education.

In order to achieve this, we in Camara are focused on delivering five goals:

1. Be the leading ICT Education organisation in the countries we operate.

2. Improve Educational Outcomes by designing and implementing all of our education programmes to meet needs of all they serve.

3. Measure and act upon our educational impact.

4. Have the best possible people working with us.

5. Generate the resources required to deliver the strategy.

Read more about Camara Education’s plan – Camara Education Strategy 2017-2020