Our Impact

National Education Project | Ethiopia

The National Education Project (2019 -2021) is putting computer labs into 840 schools all across Ethiopia.  These labs will improving students’ access to technology, build their digital literacy and help them develop better skills in STEM subjects.  This project will reach more than 690,000 young Ethiopian students. 

Camara Education has been partnering with the Ministry of Education in Ethiopia since 2011.  Since then we have worked in over 1,600 schools, installing more than 37,000 computers.   

Project Details

  • Schools are pre-vetted to ensure they have the necessary infrastructure to install a computer lab. This includes concrete floors, a secure and well ventilated room, power surge protection etc.

  • Each school receives 25 computers which are installed and maintained by Camara Education.  Each computer is loaded with offline education content on a specially designed learning platform (Camara Learning Studio).

  • 10% of the schools will also have their computers networked and will get access to STEM education content with software to design lessons and track student performance.

  • Teacher and principal training is delivered by Camara Education trainers on how to use the computers in the classroom.

  • Training in elearning management is also delivered to local and regional officials to allow them support the schools in their locality.

TechSpace Program | Ireland

The TechSpace program is working in 250 youth centres and schools in Ireland to build key 21st century skills in students; creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration, vital for their successful futures.

The TechSpace Program trains youth workers to run Digital Media, STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths) and Creative Technology activities with students in a school or youth club.

Project Details

  • Camara designs and delivers training, online activities, digital resources and opportunities through English and Irish for youth workers, teachers and volunteers.
  • The program content includes film-making, animation, soldering, robotics, electronics, mobile journalism, audio production, coding, graphic design, 3-D printing.

  • Our Annual Award Ceremony provides a national celebration for young people to engage in educational and inspirational technology workshops, and to exhibit and demo their own creations and meet other like minded young TechSpacers

  • 478 Member sites and 839 Techspace Educators are enrolled in this initiative.

iMlango Project | Kenya

The iMlango program aims to improve education outcomes in maths, literacy & life skills for 180,000 at risk young women in 245 marginalised schools in Kenya.  iMlango is funded by DFID through the Girls Education Challenge (GEC) initiative.

Camara Education Kenya works with a consortium of private companies to offer specialised  elearning services to the schools.

Project Details

  • High-speed satellite broadband connectivity to schools is provided by Avanti
  • Individualised simulated maths tutoring is offered by Whizz alongside digital learning content for literacy and life skills
  • Continuous training and support to teachers to use best practice to integrate ICT into schools’ learning processes is provided by Camara
  • In-field teams provide educational support to teachers and leadership guidance to head-teachers
  • Electronic attendance monitoring with digital semi-conditional payments to incentivise families to send their daughters to school is offered by sQuid.
  • In-field technical teams support the schools and ensure timely technical maintenance
  • A number of innovative systems offers real-time project monitoring and measurement.