Kick-start the education of a young woman in Ethiopia, and give her the chance of a better life

For a young woman in Ethiopia….

  • there is a 65% chance her genitalia will be mutilated

  • she’ll be married by 18

  • give birth to at least 5 children & experience physical and sexual abuse by her partner

  • she probably won’t be able to read or write as she will have dropped out of school

  • she’ll watch her daughters lead a similar life 


But if she goes to a Camara school….

  • she will use a computer in her school’s Camara eLearning Centre

  • she will have access to a world of empowering information

  • her teachers will be better trained to support and encourage her

  • she’ll get key skills in science, technology, engineering, and maths

  • she’ll kick-start her journey to a career, and a better life

  • she’ll be able to teach her daughters what ‘NO’ means

Can You Help?

€4,000 Funds One School

Donate Computers Education

Haregwoin Ababu is one of the many successful students Camara Education has supported. She used a computer for the first time, aged 11, in a Camara classroom at Jerusalem Elementary School in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Her teachers inspired her to apply for a special programming course. And now, aged 18, she has won a place to study Software Engineering at Bahir Dar University. Her ambition is to start up a tech company.

Each School Will Receive:

  • Pre-vetting to ensure the school is ready for the computers
  • 25 computers installed and ready to be used
  • Teacher and principal training program
  • In-school support visits
  • Software with curriculum-aligned science, technology, engineering, and math content and assessment tools
  • Two annual Maintenance Visits

You Will Receive:

  • The name and location of the school(s) you are supporting
  • Twice yearly project updates
  • Images and stories to keep you up to date on the project’s progress
  • Better education for over 750 students per school
  • Eligibility for tax relief