Who we are and what we do

Camara Education Tanzania is a registered NGO which uses ICT, training and modern eLearning Materials to enhance and empower education throughout Tanzania.

Camara packages combine exceptional teacher training with affordable, high-quality refurbished ICT equipment – loaded with educational software and material – to help schools and other educational institutions achieve a 21st Century quality learning environment.


Technology-Enhanced Learning Packages


Camara Education Tanzania offers a portfolio of Technology-Enhanced Learning products with measurable learning outcomes for pupils. We offer a range of training programmes to support our packages.

All Camara packages include the following:

  • School vetting and lab setup advice
  • Installation of a tailored technical solution, including desktops, laptops, local area networks, website development, and more
  • Provision of eLearning tools, including eContent for primary and secondary schools
  • Teacher training developed specifically for the context of Tanzanian Schools
  • One year warranty
  • Optional

For more information on the products we offer and and enquires on our prices please: