Secure and Certified

  • Secure Data Erasure and Certification
  • Nationwide Collection Service For Companies
  • Auditable Recycling Certification

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Secure Data Erasure and Certification

  • Each hard drive is erased using a US Department of Defence (DoD 5220.22-M) and NIST 800-88 compliant program that operates on a firmware level, making it impossible to retrieve any data.
  • If the hard drive fails during wipe is physically removed, degaussed and crushed.
  • Data destruction service can alternatively be provided at customer’s site location for more than 50 Hard Drives.

Auditable Recycling Certification

  • Your equipment will be assessed for reuse. Suitable items will be refurbished and shipped to schools to educate disadvantaged children.
  • Any items that cannot be reused will be recycled at an authorised WEEE recycling facility.
  • You will receive a certificate listing the make model and serial of all hard drive that were erased and all items received.

Nationwide Collection Service For Companies

  • 24 hour turn around
  • Collection fee may apply

What we reuse

  • Computers – desktops, servers and laptops
  • Flat screen monitors
  • Peripherals: keyboards & mice, also VGA & power leads & laptop power chargers
  • Tablets and smartphones

What happens when I give you my computer?

  • Camara assess if it meets the minimum specification requirement and is working.
  • We repair non working computers and use spare parts to refurbish others.
  • Your hard drive is securely wiped and a new operating system is installed (Ubuntu or Windows 7).
  • We load Edubuntu and the Camara Educational Package full of learning resources for teachers and students.
  • The finished product is boxed and shipped to one of Camara’s Education Hubs in East Africa, Caribbean and Ireland.
  • You computer is responsibly recycled at the end of its second life in an authorised WEEE facility.

WEEE Recycling

Devices that are not suitable for repurposing are recycled.

We guarantee that all recycled equipment meets the relevant local and EU or UK regulations on the processing of electrical waste. We provide a complete trail of the waste material’s journey to its final location to assure clients all waste we process remains within the EU or UK.