Please see here some short videos which explain our work. These will give you an overview of our work across our network. You will see through these how we are working to achieve our mission to transform education using technology to empower disadvantaged students and our vision of a world-class technology-enabled education accessible to all. The first video below shot during a recent trip to Africa by a journalist on Camara’s behalf gives you the opportunity to meet learners benefitting from a technology-enabled education. The 2nd video introduces you to Eugene, the 2 millionth learner impacted by Camara Education.

Girls Education

Camara Education is working extensively to improve the quality of education for girls using technology  These videos will give a wonderful insight to all the work we are doing to improve life opportunities for girls through our projects and programmes across our network. Three of these videos were produced in conjunction with UNESCO and the first video provides a teaser about what is to follow.

To see our full range of videos please go to our dedicated YouTube channel here.