Camara Zambia

Who we are and what we do

Camara Zambia is a not-for-profit organisation which uses ICT, training and modern learning tools to enhance & empower education throughout Zambia.
Camara packages combine exceptional teacher training with affordable, high-quality refurbished ICT equipment – loaded with educational software and material – to help schools and other educational institutions set up sustainable e-learning centres.

What We Do


Computer Supply

All Camara computers feature productivity suites (Word Processor, Spreadsheet, Database, Presentation) as well as offline Wikipedia and other educational tools

Camara’s networked computer classrooms offer individualised student logins, lab management software and the ability to easily share teachers’ instruction to all students without the need for projectors or other specialised equipment.

Camara supplies fully-licensed Microsoft Windows software in addition to advanced, user-friendly antivirus protection.

We offer a full takeback and recycling service to the ensure responsible management of e-waste.

All computers come with a one-year warranty.


Educator Training

Camara Skillbuilder is the basic ICT course offered to teachers and others in the field of education. Its focus is participants that have little or no experience in ICT and wish to improve their skills to enhance their working environment. For teachers, this course is the first essential course in the progression of integration of ICT in the workplace and classroom.

The course aims to introduce teachers and school professionals to the concepts of ICT.  Through the course teachers will become familiar with how ICT can be used within the classroom as well as to improve the productivity of their own profession outside the classroom.

The primary method of delivery of the course is Instructor Lead Training (ILT) where the instructor will guide the participants through each module, while balancing a degree of theory with practical experience.

Computer Studies

Camara Education Zambia schools show a 15% increase in students’ Computer Studies results in grades 8 and 9.

Our Computer Studies Orientation Programme with Windows is aimed at teachers who wish to effectively support delivery of the Computer Studies Curriculum in Grades 8 & 9 at Junior Secondary schools in Zambia; it focuses on teachers who wish to enhance their capacity to deliver this curriculum and implement strategies on how to prepare learners for exams in Grade 9.

We support Computer Studies teachers in effectively using the Microsoft Windows operating systems, Microsoft Office tools and thematic areas such as Communications, Security and Internet. Through the course, teachers will become familiar with the tools and concepts required to deliver the Computer Studies Curriculum. Participants will learn effective strategies in preparing learners for exams, and analyse past exams


ICT Leadership Training

Camara Education Zambia delivers sought-after Educational Leadership in the 21st Century sensitisation courses to school and regional leaders, including regional and district administrators, department and school heads, and teachers moving into a leadership position.

Educational Leadership in the 21st Century provides an engaging learning experience to support exploration and discussion of school leadership in our students’ technological 21st century world. See examples of best practices, examine leadership behaviours, and develop strategies to better support teachers and improve student achievement. Discuss ideas and strategies with other leaders in the course and apply new ideas to your practice.

Understanding the value of ICT as a teaching and learning tool gives Camara school leaders an unrivaled edge in securing their students’ futures.


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