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We use technology to deliver 21st century skills, and as such improve education in disadvantaged communities around the world.

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Camara uses technology to improve education and livelihood skills in disadvantaged communities around the world.


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Camara have been a trusted partner of Dell’s for a number of years. We were delighted to support the opening of their education hub in Tanzania in 2012 and have been pleased to see its positive progress since. Our partnership with Camara goes beyond financial support from Dell Giving, with Dell supplying computers to be used in some of Camara’s eLearning centres and being able offer to our customers the option of donating their used technology to Camara. This has only become possible through our vigorous examination of Camara’s operational activities, including having visited many of their education hubs in Africa. Here we have witnesses first hand the positive impact they are having on the education of those most needy. We would strongly recommend others to support Camara.

Jean Cox Kearns

Director of Compliance for Dell Global Take Back, Dell