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What We Do

We take computers donated by companies, refurbish and securely erase all data on them. 

  • These computers are set up as eLearning Centres in schools in Africa and Ireland.
  • The teachers are trained how to use the Centres to improve the quality of education their students receive. 
  • Camara designs educational software, tied to the local curriculum, that is installed in the Centres
  • These Centres are supported by warranty and maintenance contracts with the schools
  • We incentivise the return of end-of-life computers and ensure they are ethically recycled.
Donate computers to education
Donate computers to education

The Results

We monitor and measure our education project’s impact to learn and improve.  For example,

  • The ground-breaking iMlango programme in Kenya is raising numeracy rates amongst girls in rural Kenya.
  • In Zambia we are focused on improving student exam results in the national Computer Studies subject.  
  • In Ethiopia, our ‘Impact’ schools are focused on improving the results in STEM subjects.

Our Students

Haregwoin Ababu is one of many successful students Camara has supported. She used a computer for the first time aged 11, in a Camara eLearning Centre at Jerusalem Elementary School in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Her teachers inspired her to apply for a special programming course, and aged 18 she won a place to study Computer Engineering at Bahir Dar University. Her ambition is to specialise in Artificial Intelligence and start a tech company. See more of her story.

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