Camara in Africa

Camara currently operates five Education Hubs in Africa – in Ethiopia, KenyaTanzania and Zambia. Each hub operates as an individual not-for-profit social enterprise, run and managed locally to serve local market needs through a sustainable business model.

We work with local educational authorities and educators to design tailor-made projects to raise digital provision and literacy in each country. We support schools with teacher training and educational software appropriate to local conditions. We aim to ensure that at least half of the children we help are girls.

Whenever possible, local schools or education departments contribute to the cost of the services they receive: research and our own long experience have shown that schools derive a much greater sense of ownership of equipment and skills to which they have contributed. Our Computer Labs are supported by warranty and maintenance contracts with the schools. We incentivise schools to return end-of-life computers so we can ensure they are ethically recycled.





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