"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world"

- Nelson Mandela

About Us

Founded in 2005 in Dublin, Ireland, Camara is an award-winning international charity which has built a proven model of education delivery that is both sustainable and highly scalable. We invite companies to give us computer equipment they no longer need. Working with our specialist partners, we securely wipe the donated computers and remarket or recycle them in order to fund the purchase of refurbished computers which we ship to Africa.

Once there our “hubs” – independent social enterprises staffed and managed by our local staff, usually in partnership with local educational authorities – check and prepare the equipment, install appropriate software and resources, help schools to install purpose-built classrooms, and train local teachers to pass on digital skills to children of all ages. They then work closely with the schools to maintain the equipment and monitor progress. When computers are no longer usable, we aim to ensure that they are recycled in an environmentally appropriate way.

Our Achievements So Far

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Our Name & Logo

‘Camara’ is a West African Bantu-derived word and means ‘teacher’ or ‘one who teaches with experience’. The correct pronunciation is ‘Ca mar ra’.​

The ANANSE NTONTAN (“spider’s web”) symbol comes from the adinkra symbols found in Ghana and historically used by the Asante tribe on cloth, walls and in pottery. Traditionally it is a symbol of wisdom, creativity, and the complexities of life.

Annual reports & Publications

As a charity we are committed to being transparent and accountable. Read more about our progress, aims and challenges or see our financial reports.
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