Camara Education launches its 2017-2020 Strategy







Today Camara Education together with Lord Puttnam, Ireland’s Digital Champion and John Lonergan Former Governor of Mountjoy, launched its Strategy for 2017-2020.
We here at Camara Education believe that quality education and youth empowerment are the greatest tools to alleviate poverty. As such we improve educational outcomes for young people. In the last 11 years we have achieved the following:

  • Built an organisation with a sustainable model and strong track record.
  • Demonstrated the measurable impact of technology on education.
  • Improved the education of two million students; better skills and better grades.
  • Delivered systematic change in education systems.

As such, we are on the cusp of scaling up our impact and harnessing an increasing appetite for ICT in education.

In the four years from 2017-2020, Camara will improve the quality of education for an additional three million students. Key to achieving this is being rigorous in the measurement of our impact. More importantly, we need to relentlessly act upon those measurements to ensure we are meeting the needs of our educators and young people. By effecting continued systemic change in the education systems we work in we will broad our impact to a far larger population. In addition our efforts will be contributing, to, amongst others, the Sustainable Development Goal 4; quality education.

In order to achieve this, we in Camara are focused on delivering five goals:

  1. Be the leading ICT Education organisation in the countries we operate.
  2. Improve Educational Outcomes by designing and implementing all of our
    education programmes to meet needs of all they serve.
  3. Measure and act upon our educational impact.
  4. Have the best possible people working with us.
  5. Generate the resources required to deliver the strategy.

To read the full report please see here.

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