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Coffee & TV Partnership with Camara Education


Coffee & TV is an independent creative studio specialising in conception, direction, production, visual effects, design and colour grading, from traditional campaigns through to modern forms of storytelling. Since the start of Coffee & TV our ethos has been to do things better. We are committed to championing responsible and sustainable practises to protect our planet. We’re proud to be a Certified B Corporation.

Partnership with Camara

Camara Education has partnered with Coffee & TV to help spread awareness of Camara’s work through digital channels. Coffee & TV reached out to their existing customer base and network of contacts to publicise Camara’s offering. They also set up systems to allow their clients to donate IT equipment through Coffee & TV, co-ordinating logistics and collections. Working together, we were able to create a simple but effective strategy involving social media, email and website that allowed us to spread the Camara name to a network of organisations that Coffee & TV knows and trusts. Camara Education is extremely grateful Coffee & TV chose us as their preferred partner.


Coffee & TV promoted the Camara IT collection service to its thousands of followers on several social media channels, with a mass of engagement through “likes”, “shares” and “comments”. They also sent out email campaigns outlining Camara’s offering to their contacts and shared content on their website via newsletters and blogs. Our partnership is in the early stages, but more campaigns are in the pipeline and we have already had several collection requests and plenty of interest.   

Customer Comments

“As a proud B Corp we’re committed to lowering our impact on people and the planet; this partnership enables us to do exactly that. We would love our clients and their staff to join us in this initiative to donate tech and help change the lives of some of the most disadvantaged children in Africa.”

Coffee & TV CEO Derek Moore