Veritas Case Study

Veritas Case Study


Veritas has helped guide enterprise customers through every disruptive technology shift of the past 30 years. Our integrated approach to data management and protection is proven to deliver unmatched versatility, performance and cost-savings.

Ninety-four percent of Fortune 100 companies rely on Veritas today to reveal data insights that drive competitive advantage. We’re a global business operating in 58 countries – not surprising given that our clients operate all across the world. 

Camara Education / Veritas Partnership

Veritas has been a partner of Camara Education’s since 2016 and has donated IT equipment on over 15 different occasions. Veritas swaps out its IT equipment usually every 3-4 years, so the value of the equipment and donation is significant and really helps fund the schools Camara works with. 


Veritas is committed to ethical and responsible global corporate citizenship, promoting a talented, diverse and inclusive workforce, engaging in sound environmental practices, and investing in positive social impact around the globe.

The Veritas corporate responsibility approach and #LifeAtVeritas is truly exemplified by actions such as making a positive impact in the communities that surround us, celebrating our unique differences and lightening our environmental footprint.” ‒ Sophie Ames, Chief Human Resources Officer

Veritas were looking for a more sustainable and ethical way to dispose of their IT equipment. Camara ticked all the boxes, their aims resonating with those of Veritas and allowing them to responsibly dispose of their equipment whilst helping bridge the digital divide in African countries and bring about real change in the world. 


Veritas representatives find the process easy to use, secure and efficient, and the service of the highest standard. They send over an email with details of IT equipment available and Camara’s ITAD partners arrange collection, usually within 72 hours. The equipment is transported in secure CCTV vehicles and processed to ISO standards for security and environmental management, giving Veritas complete peace of mind. Documentation and a full audit is sent over within 21 days.

Donor Comments

“I always find Camara so easy to deal with. Within a few clicks I can be assured the equipment will be dealt with. Using Camara is a “no brainer”, not only am I sustainably disposing of my IT equipment, but it is also going to a great cause and transforming life chances for children in Africa”

Varun – IT support specialist